Salt Air, Your March Quilt of the Month!

Salt Air: Instructions and Pattern

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Fabric Samples: The Low-Down on How it’s Made!

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The latest on the 2015 Fleece Catalog!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Well, I promised I would keep you updated on the Skinny of the 2015 fleece catalog, & we’ve got yet another bout of great news! The physical form of our 2015 Fleece catalog is almost ready to go to the printers. What does this mean? It means, that it will soon be with you and you’ll be able to see all of the fabulous designs we’ve worked so hard on for you!

We’re very excited to finalize this design process of this years catalog & present it to you, largely in part because it just has so many beautiful designs! (Literally, it took us nearly two days just to decide on the cover because we had SO many great options and we just could not make up our minds!) But you know us, always paying special attention to detail in even the smallest things, which is exactly why you trust us!

And it is for these very reasons, that I am so enthusiastic and eager to share with you the official cover of our 2015 fleece catalog. Want a hit? It was amongst one of the most popluar designs from our previous catalog (and the absolute cutest in my opinion, personally).

Drum rolls please……





We hope you love it as much as we do, I mean look at that Panda! Doesn’t it just look like he wants to give you a great, big hug? (Side note: never do this in real life, they’ll maul you and it won’t end pretty!)

We can’t wait until you receive a copy and to hear what you think of this years cover, so go ahead and sound off in the comments!

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All Groups Now up on our Website!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

A quick note to let you all know that all of our design groups from our ‘Sneak Peak’ post are now finally up on our website! Place your orders online in just a couple clicks. Check it out by visiting out website,, and as always, our friendly sales reps are also available for your phone orders and orders via email everyday 8:30AM-5:00PM PST: Toll Free: 1.800.548.1818 Local: 323.728.3232 Email:

And last but certainly not least, be sure to keep your projects coming! We love seeing the amazing crafts you all create! Don’t forget to #DavidTextiles & #DTblogfeature ! For the full recap, you can #TBT (throwbackthursday) to our previous post explaining all the details!

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Wow! Look at All These Great Project Ideas!

Wandering through Instagram last night, we found out that a whole lot of you show David Textiles some serious love! No, we don’t yet have an Instagram (yet!) but we were perusing #davidtextiles and found a slew of awesome projects you all make! For copyright & privacy purposes we couldn’t post the images up on our blog, but next time you, yourself are perusing Instagram, be sure to check out #davidtextiles !

Have a project you’ve done? Show us by posting it on Instagram & using: #davidtextiles & #DTblogfeature You may just be featured in our next blog post!

For now, we’ll leave you with this picture of this really cute dog snuggling with his hand-made Folkloric Skulls blanket. #socute Enjoy!

(Que the “Awwwwwsssssssssss”)

By posting any images on Instagram using #davidtextiles & #DTblogfeature, you are hereby given notice that your image may be featured on our blog with no compensation, reward, or promise of a joint venture. You are hereby agreeing that any images you post on Instagram using #davidtextiles & #DTblogfeature are your own.Your participation is thereby providing us with your consent & agreement to the above terms.

Love the Folkloric Skulls fabric and want to make your own doggy blanket? You can purchase it here!

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The Sneak Peek is Here!

And.. the sneak peek for our latest & greatest Four Seasons groups & Regular David Textiles line is here! But shhh.. it’s a ‘secret!’

Presenting our first groups of 2015 for Four Seasons!

Tea time, anyone? Up first is Teapot Flora, a dainty design group full of delicate roses, colorful tea cups & elegant kettles. Perfect for that special person who loves the chic traditional look.

Next (and my personal favorite from Four Seasons this round) is Paris Spring Expo; A full on period piece that will have you dreaming of the streets of Paris, France. Made up of the most beautiful, serene color palette, and truly delicate elements, this group may just have you speaking French! Ooh la, la!

And last, you know we couldn’t keep our signature animal life at bay! We introduce Animal Life, a fun and powerful group of Kittens, and Puppies and Wolves, oh my! & don’t think we left out the almighty Bald Eagle, & some of our favorite barnyard friends, Roosters and Horses.

Presenting our first David Textiles Regular Independent line for 2015, and the first in over a year!

First up, courtesy of NickelodeonTM, Spin MasterTM & Viacom®: PAW PatrolTM, our newest and by far one of our most popular licenses so far!  You asked us for PAW Patrol, we give you PAW Patrol. Customer’s always know best. We’ll have the toddler in your life jumping for joy when they see these designs.

Second, Calavera. A play on our best selling Folkloric Skulls. Redesigned with a fresh new look, yet recolored in the very colors that made Folkloric Skulls a big success!

And now for my most favorite from our DT independent line, Mexican Folklore. Get lost in this fun, eclectic mix of Mexican history. Featuring one of Mexico’s most timeless, influential & popular painters, Frida Kahlo, this group is an absolute must for the collector and avid fan and learner of Hispanic heritage.

Hispanic Heritage month is September 15 through October 15, and this will sure make the perfect gift!

These will all be up on our website very soon. Can’t quite wait for them to be up on our website to place your pre-order? Not to worry, just give us a ring! Toll Free: 1.800.548.1818 Local: 323.728.3232 Email:

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Sale Alert! Shop Now and Save!

Sale Alert: Attention all shoppers!

Happy New Year’s Eve & New Year to all of our customers. To  ring in the New Year, we’re celebrating by giving all of you 20% off all your online purchases! Have you had your eye on that one special fabric but didn’t quite want to splurge or overspend? Well, you can get it NOW for 20% off!

Don’t wait, unlike some of us celebrating on New Year’s, this deal won’t last too long!                       Deal valid 12/31/14-1/2/15, online only. Enter promo code NYE2014 at check out.

What are you waiting for? Shop now!

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THIS JUST IN! Birds & Feathers is here!

Hello Everyone, and Happy Friday!

We sincerely hope you had a fantastic holiday filled with tons of presents and great food!

Before we left on the 24th for our holiday break, we got some great news that we’re sure you will be pleased to hear: the much awaited Birds & Feathers has just arrived and is now IN STOCK in our warehouse! Orders will start shipping out soon, so don’t worry- you’ll soon have it in your hands if you’ve ordered it!

The colors are superbly vibrant but the patterns still hold that delicate, naturalistic feeling that drew all of our customers in. We are very excited for you to see it! When you do receive it, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. You know we love to hear your feedback!

Haven’t placed your order for this beauty yet? No worries there, you can easily do so by clicking here!

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays & a very happy New Year to all of our valued customers! It’s been a pleasure having another year with you!

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Extra, Extra, Read All About it! Next Round of Art Groups Commencing Production!

Happy Thursday All!

That’s right! The next round of Four Seasons™ has been designed, colored and sent out to the mills this week. What’s even better news, this time around, you can expect, 3 brand new Four Seasons™ groups, AND 2 new regular David Textiles groups! Those of you who shop with us know this is exciting, as we haven’t done a new regular David Textiles line in about a year, and we are so excited to give you not one, but two new lines.

What did we design this time? You’ll just have to stay tuned to our blog every week to find out ;) . We promise we’ll give you a sneak peek soon, but we are 100% sure you are going to love it!

In other news, we also finalized all of the designs for our 2015 fleece catalog this week (yes we had a very productive and busy week here at DT!)

We know you want more on this exciting 411, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on anything and everything about our Fleece Catalog, Four Seasons & David Textiles lines here at our blog and on our Facebook® .

∞ And last but not least, don’t forget to ‘like’ us & visit us here every week for your weekly dose of all things DT!

What do you think is in store for you with our new groups? Sound off in the comments!

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Hot Off The Press!

Hello Everyone!

Guess what’s just come in fresh off the presses, or shall I say, fresh from the printery? In any case, your two most favorite collections are here in our warehouse (ahead of schedule!) and we are preparing to ship out your orders! These two groups are our most popular and fabric is extremely limited, so if you have not yet put in your orders, we suggest getting them in soon. Call our sales team and get your fix today! 800.548.1818 | 323.728.3231 | |

French Couture

City Style

I must say, these fabrics came out even better than our brochures. They really do the artwork some beautiful justice! We made a DIY shoulder bag tut on Monday out of City Style. Missed it? Access it by clicking here! It would look great with French Couture also!

Post Script: Also in, most of Dreamland Flannel basics, with Harmony 2 and Birds & Feathers coming very, very soon!

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Fancy a Tutorial? Make Your Own Shoulder Bag!

Hello & happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving & weekend. Not only is Thanksgiving a time for being grateful for the things we have and spending time with our loving family indulging in some delicious turkey …with a side of mashed potatoes…and cranberry sauce, alright and maybe a double helping of green bean casserole with a side of pumpkin pie!; it’s also the unofficial-yet-official kick-off for some serious Christmas shopping! Did you start yet?

However, many of us like ourselves here at David Textiles, really love the value and heart that a made at home gift can offer, so we’ve come up with this simple do-it-yourself shoulder bag for all of you! It’s easy, stylish, affordable, and will only take about an hour and thirty minutes of your time. How great is that?

Hint: Make this bag even more special by embroidering the recipient’s initials on an added pocket, or by even adding some of their favorite things inside of the bag for an extra surprise!

This bag is deep enough to fit your make-up bag, a book, your keys and wallet. If you want a deeper bag, simply add a few inches to the sides that measure 10” and connect to the bottom measurement of 17”.

What you’ll need:

1 yard of two fabrics of your choice- One for the actual bag, and one for the inner lining

Recommended fabrics: City Style in black by David Textiles (Bag) and Toile in Rose by David Textiles (Lining)

A snap or Velcro (you pick the size, recommended: 2″)

Coordinating Thread, recommended: Black

Basic Sewing Supplies (Sewing Machine, scissors, pins)

  1. Print out this PDF with the pattern: DIY SHOULDER BAG PATTERN-DT. Cut & tape it together (a bit tricky), or simply follow the measurement in the below picture and draw your own pattern on tracing paper, parchment paper, etc.
  2. Once you have your pattern, cut two out of the bag fabric, and two out of the lining fabric.
  3. Starting with your bag pieces, place them right sides together and sew the 10” edges with a ¼” seam allowance.
  4. Open out the piece you’ve just sewn so the seams are in the front and back of the bag, centered. Sew along the bottom seam. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the lining, but leave a 2” unsewn portion for the bottom seam so you can turn it right-side out later.
  5. Sew the lining and outer pieces together, placing one inside of the other & pinning them right sides together. Be sure to match your center seams. Sew along the straps and curved opening of the bag.
  6. With your scissors, clip along the curved edges almost to the seam. This will help your bag “sit” nicely.
  7. Turn the bag right side out by pulling it through the gap you left in the lining in step 4 & iron the bag neatly around all the seams. Be sure to trim the tops of the straps so they are nice and even.
  8. Make an “M” with the straps, making sure both straps are edge to edge. Encase the edges by folding again twice. Place under the machine and sew using a ¼” seam allowance with your double-stitch function & stitch length at ‘1’.
  9. Finish your bag off by sewing a ¼” top stitch all around the edges of the bag, if you wish.
  10. Sew your Velcro or snaps to both sides of the lining about one inch from the top edges of the bag at the center part of the curve & viola, all done! Who will you make and gift this super simple bag to? Questions? Leave them in the comments!
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The Skinny on the 2015 Fleece Catalog

A lot of you have been recently asking when we will get the newest issue of our yearly fleece catalog out for 2015 and what types of fabulous new prints you may be able to find inside. Fret not, for the art for all the designs in the 2015 fleece catalog will be sent out for production by the end of this year! What does this mean to you? You can expect the fleece catalog to be in your hands by March or early April. What can you expect to find in terms of designs you may ask? For starters, new Angry BirdsTM, new BatmanTM & SupermanTM, new Monster HighTM, new wildlife, breast cancer awareness, sports, skins & tween art. In a sense, a lot of new updates with some timeless favorites.

We can’t wait for you to see it and to get the ball rolling. We’ll be sure to keep you updated. For now, have some fun pawing through our 2014 fleece catalog by clicking here.

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Quilt Market, Houston 2014!

The weather’s getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and the days are getting shorter. You all know what that means; it’s Quilt Market season! Here’s a quick recap about our time in Houston this October, enjoy!

Thursday/Friday: Booth set-up

We had tons of fun this year decorating our booth (and eating some of the chocolate meant for our customers and visiting the Starbucks conveniently located upstairs!) We decided to keep it clean, classy & modern this time around. We kept it simple yet elegant with our props, covering hat boxes and jewelry boxes, & sewing bunches of pillows to showcase the fabric the best possible way.

Saturday/Sunday/Monday- Show Time!

Quilt Market had us with a steady stream of customers & admirers purchasing and viewing our latest Four Seasons collections: City Style, French Couture, City Style, Spring Garden Fleur & Exotic Wild Life, as well as our newest basics lines Harmony 2 & Dreamland (read more about them here!) Harmony 2 is a 75-pattern program of blenders made in every imaginable color for your needs while Dreamland is our new prints program just for baby (did we mention Dreamland has coordinating solids too? Win!)

The stars of the show

French Couture & City Style were among the two most anticipated and well received collections, followed closely by Spring Garden Fleur. The compliments and “ooh’s & ahh’s!” poured in all weekend long, and really, who are we to disagree with our customers.

Until next time, Quilt Market. Next stop, Minneapolis!

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Exciting New Collections for Four Seasons and regular DT lines!

We have some fresh new collections in production just waiting to be turned into your next favorite project!

Introducing City Style, a chic, “pumped” up group that’s sure to please the most fashionable fashionista & city girl; French Couture, a black and tea-stained colored group that’s the perfect fabric for wedding crafts or any bridal DIY; Spring Garden Fleur, our romantic collection fortified with roses, flowers & beautiful butterflies; Birds & Feathers, a group focusing on ornithology, truly an ideal group for any nature lover; and finally, Exotic Wildlife. David Textiles is known for our amazing animal prints and this round of animal patterns doesn’t disappoint. Get lost in the powerful, serene, nature-feel that this group represents.

Also in store for us is our newly updated 75-print cotton blenders program, Harmony 2 exclusively for quilt shops, and our brand new 68-print flannel nursery program with coordinating solids, Dreamland! The best news? All of these groups are available now for pre-order! You can do so by clicking here.

Photos below!

Fancy a particular collection? Let us know which is your favorite in the comments!

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